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Kahal Wine of the Philippines

Mabuhay and
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Kahal wine is exported all over the world for its excellent taste and uniqueness. It is truly a fine fermented white wine worth enjoying..

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"The Philippine's Most Noble Beverage." With the collaboration of the Institut Oenologique de Champagne France.

Conceived and christened Kahal in the heart of the champagne country France to celebrate the Philippine's 1998 Centennial, this unique wine is derived from the water of young coconuts. It is a veritable reenactment of the water-into-wine miracle of Cana for the hundreds of thousands of small coconut farmers who can now transform their lowly livelihood into a source of pride in themselves, their country and their "Qahal" (the Church) which has agreed to produce it in selected monasteries in cooperation with the farmers.

Kahal, not just a namesake of the latter but a real agent of ferment and change in our culture and economy, is truly...The Philippines' Most Noble Beverage.



Distributed by: JLM Trading No. 87 Scout Fuentebella Street, Quezon City, Philippines 1103

Phone: 063-02-4103225

     Serve at room temperature or chill as desired. 
        Contents: 425 ml. 12% Alcohol content

How To Order

Email below for inquiries. We will reply within 24 hours.